Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A scripture from Dad, about Dad

This past Sunday, Father's Day, I was thinking about a scripture that my Dad sent me when I was on a mission for the Church in Argentina. It's Jacob 3:1-2 in the Book of Mormon:

"But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction.

"O all ye that are pure in heart, lift up your heads and receive the pleasing word of God, and feast upon his love; for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever. "

My Dad said this scripture had given him comfort at various times throughout his life, and I can say it's done the same for me. I feel blessed to have a father on this earth that worked hard for me and consoled me as a child when I needed it. At the same time, I know that if I did not have a father, or if my father were not available (as happened on the mission), I have a Heavenly Father who can plead my cause and send me comfort when I "pray unto him with exceeding faith".

A teaching of Mormonism that I feel very strongly to be true is that God is literally our father. When Jesus addressed "Our Father, who art in heaven," it wasn't just a figurative expression. He was representing all of us and talking to a real being. I think many people believe this deep inside, regardless of whether they subscribe to organized Christianity.

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