Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is a Mormon "Institute"?

If you're a college student or young adult interested in learning about Mormons or meeting some Mormon friends, you can visit your local LDS Institute of Religion.

"Institute", as members commonly call it, refers to both a physical location and a set of religious courses. Mormon students meet at the institute to supplement their secular education with classes about the scriptures, church history, and other related topics. Institutes are often also a place where students can study, socialize, and participate in organized activites. Institute is often held at a local chapel or a separate building purchased by the Church.

The Church has an online locator that can help you find the nearest Institute. You're welcome to participate in the activities whether you're a member of the Church or not. This can be a good way to make new friends and familiarize yourself with Mormon beliefs and lifestyle. An institute might also be a good place to find a roommate if you are looking for someone else who wants to avoid alcohol, sex, or profanity in your living quarters.

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Laurel said...

Great blog! I just stumbled across you on LDS BLOGS. My husband and I just built a website ( which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to embed one of our videos in your blog, if you think it would be a good missionary tool.

Laurel & Doug