Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spirit of Speedy Joe

The Utah football team honored the late Mormon Apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin this week by wearing the initials "JBW" on their helmets during the Sugar Bowl. Wirthlin played for Utah in the 1930's and remained a fan and "self-appointed chaplain" of the team for decades.

Maybe some of the spirit of "Speedy Joe Wirthlin" was with the Utes in their 31-17 romp over Alabama. It's painful to admit this, but this season Utah executed every time and place that BYU didn't, and they have the BCS bowl win to show for it. The Cougs should take note of this for next year.

Hopefully this Utah win will take us one step closer to either a playoff system or an automatic BCS berth for the Mountain West Conference. It's unfortunate that MWC teams have to run the table to get in a BCS bowl. There are other teams in the conference that are perennially good enough to compete on the national stage. For example, this year's TCU squad is better than at least Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Ohio State, and possibly other teams that got a BCS bowl invitation this season (I don't want to talk about Penn State right now).

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