Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breakfast with Brigham

The newspaper has been pretty depressing lately, so I switched to some more enlightening breakfast table reading: an old copy of Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young that my wife found. Brigham Young was an inspired man whose advice about the world is great to start the day with. Here are some favorite quotes from the skimming I've done so far.

On thrift and industry:

"We will have to go to work and get the gold out of the mountains to lay down, if we ever walk in streets paved with gold. The angels that now walk in their golden streets, and they have the tree of life within their paradise, had to obtain that gold and put it there. When we have streets paved with gold, we will have placed it there ourselves. When we enjoy a Zion in its beauty and glory, it will be when we have built it." (p. 226)

On learning about the world:

"We are in a great school, and we should be diligent to learn, and continue to store up the knowledge of heaven and of earth, and read good books, although I cannot say that I would recommend the reading of all books, for it is not all books which are good. Read good books, and extract from them wisdom and understanding as much as you possibly can, aided by the Spirit of God." (p. 197)

On how we live our religion:

"Our work, our every-day labor, our whole lives are within the scope of our religion. This is what we believe and what we try to practice." (p. 189)


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