Sunday, October 19, 2008

Salvaging a rough sports week in a big way

I guess a Modern Mormon Dad is entitled to a sports post once in a while, especially after a week like this. Last Sunday at this time things sure looked a lot brighter for the Dodgers, who are now facing a long and uncertain offseason, and the BYU Cougars, whose BCS-busting hopes fell to pieces Thursday night at the hands of an energized and clearly superior TCU team.

Thankfully I have another football team that wears blue and white, makes their home in "Happy Valley", and plays the same faux-roar recording after a first down, and these guys are the REAL DEAL this year. But for two and half terrible quarters it looked like Penn State might also falter this week and drop their tenth straight game against Michigan. The Nittany Lions battled back, though, and took the lead with this play:

This safety late in the third quarter made it 19-17 and from there Penn State decided to tack on 27 more points just to make the win a little sweeter.

Wasn't that a great video, by the way? That's the $200 ticket and $500 airfare I didn't have to buy to see a guy jumping up in front of me during the game-changing play. Someday I'd still like to make it to Beaver Stadium and camp in the parking lot and wave a white pom-pom...hopefully before Coach Paterno calls it quits.

BTW, this will be my second straight year dressing up as JoePa for Halloween. Time to roll up the khakis!

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