Monday, September 29, 2008

Southern California night hike

It's officially autumn now in Southern California, but from the 90+ degree heat the only way to know this is that the days are getting shorter. The early sunset leaves little daylight for backpacking into Friday night Scout campouts. This past weekend we tried our first hike in the dark and realized that you don't need flashlights if you plan your trip on a slope above 10 million people. The view was enthralling.

That lowest band of lights you see near the mouth of the canyon is a bunch of commuters getting nowhere on the 15 freeway heading out Cajon Pass.

Below is one unexpected source of paranoia on this trip...

That is a real tarantula, seen near the beginning of our trek. I was hoping we would gain enough altitude to be out of their habitat before setting up camp for the night.

More scenes like the one above lit our way to the top of the hill. The Scouts found it a tough climb and fell asleep within minutes of reaching our campsite. But in the morning the daytime views made the hike well worth the effort.

We passed a lot of hunters driving up to scope out the area and one mountain biker, but we were the only ones crazy (and fortunate) enough to be out hiking.

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gregg + camille said...

How fun. What a beautiful view. My mom and I have been enjoying lots of fall hikes...but there is snow on the mt. today...