Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prisoner of pop culture

Before one of Pastor Philip Miles' frequent trips to Russia, he decided to toss a box of hunting bullets in his luggage as a gift for a friend. Pastor Miles' travels took an unexpected turn when he was arrested and charged with smuggling ammunition. Russian courts sentenced him to three years in prison, later shortened to just a few months. Pastor Miles is now safely home in South Carolina.

Dick Gordon interviewed Miles about his experience on NPR's "The Story" (listen to MP3). Interestingly, Miles recounted how his least favorite part of incarceration was the television blaring nonstop movies, music videos, etc:

"It almost drove me crazy. Finally everybody'd be asleep, I'd turn it off, and I'd have maybe a couple of hours that I could read, pray, and just have some solitude. I can't tell you how I craved just silence."

Pastor Miles explained how he obtained relief from the worst of the programs:

"I remember one time they were watching some full-on porn. I got up, went into the corner, opened up my Bible, and just stood there with my back to the TV. And in about 5 minutes, they changed channels. That was the last time they watched porn in the room while I was there."

Have you ever felt like you were trapped by inappropriate or overbearing movies, television, and music? From experiences in doctors' waiting rooms, the bowling alley, dorm rooms, and so on, I can relate to the feeling of being imprisoned by explicit media. What do you do to escape? Pastor Miles' seeking refuge in the scriptures seems like one good technique.

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Jodi said...

I try to have a book with me to keep me occupied. If I have the kids, usually people offer to change it to a kis show, which I appreciate very much.