Saturday, September 6, 2008

Images from Canada's capital

While USA political convention-goers were bathing in the stars and stripes, I spent last week surrounded by maple leaves on a business trip to Canada's capital. Ottawa is a fortunate place to get sent on a business trip. The city is beautiful, clean, walkable, and offers a lot to do. Before and after work each day I had just enough time to walk around and see most of the important stuff...from the outside. Next time I might have time to go inside something.

Here are a few pictures from the Ontario side of the river. Later I'll post some images from the Quebec side.

Below is the Rideau Canal which was built by the Army to be a water arterial through Ontario. It runs north-south through Ottawa and becomes a skating rink in the winter.

The canal ends at the Ottawa River with this series of locks.

The eye-catching architecture of these Parliament buildings is so different from what you would see in Washington, D.C., an interesting distinction between two countries that are so similar in other ways.

The National Gallery of Canada mimics the architecture of the Parliament in a modern, glassy way.

Here's what happens when you stand outside the art museum and look at the cathedral.

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Hakumei said...

There's a giant spider statue thing exactly like this in Queens Square (I think) in Yokohama, Japan. Wonder why it is in both places...