Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I gotta go my own sleep

For one year of my baby daughter's life I was at a severe biological disadvantage when it came to putting her to sleep. But now that she doesn't nurse as much we've discovered that we can sway her into a slumber with some soft music. I'm all over that. Nothing beats dancing with my baby girl.

She doesn't go out without a fight, though. For a while we had a CD of soft music I had made for my wife that was pretty effective. "Sailing" by Christopher Cross would always take her out. But after a few weeks she caught on to us and would writhe in protest upon discovering our intent. So we had to find a new tactic, and a new song.

Lately the breakup scene from High School Musical 2 has done the trick every time. Some nights it takes a few go-rounds, though. Did you know that this song starts 1:22:14 into the DVD? My wife and I have that figure memorized.


Jodi said...

Are you opposed to letting her put herself to sleep?

Sterling said...

We might be able to pull this off but it would be crazy for a while. Our boy would definitely see it as an excuse to get out of his bed and report "Mom/Dad, she's crying." Besides, the current way is fun...most nights.