Saturday, August 23, 2008

Death of a sax man

This week saw the unfortunate passing of talented saxophonist LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band. Moore, 46, died from complications related to an ATV accident he was in earlier this year.

I am not a Dave Matthews Band fanatic; many of their lyrics have an overly gloomy tone that I've never really felt was “for me”. However I will acknowledge that the band has created some very complex and beautiful music, due largely to Moore’s woodwind efforts on all ranges of saxophones, the flute, and even the penny whistle. To me, DMB’s finest moments came after Dave stopped singing and LeRoi started jamming with violinist Boyd Tinsley and drummer Carter Beauford (one of the best in contemporary music).

Moore is to be commended for using the saxophone in alternative music and for introducing the instrument to a wider audience.

Multiple tributes to LeRoi Moore have appeared on YouTube. The one below contains a soaring solo from the song “Spoon”. It reveals Moore’s background in jazz and is representative of many of Moore’s solos in DMB’s live recordings.

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