Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brigham Young University: The nation's top party school

For the 11th year in a row, Mormon-operated Brigham Young University has earned #1 on the Princeton Review's list of Stone-Cold Sober Schools. BYU did well in a number of categories, causing university spokesman Michael Smart to remark, "We maintain that [BYU's] top 20 rankings for happiest students and best quality of life go hand in hand with being considered Stone-Cold Sober".

He couldn't be more correct. The Stone-Cold Sober list is often contrasted with the Princeton Review's list of Party Schools, which generally gets more publicity from the media. I noticed that BYU did not appear on this year's list of party schools, but I believe this could be an error.

It depends on if a "party" is defined as having alcohol or if a party is defined as having fun. If a party is defined as having alcohol (a dangerous definition, especially for a publication aimed at high-schoolers like the Princeton Review), then BYU doesn't belong on the list; but if a party is defined as having fun, then BYU should be at the top.

I haven't seen a place in the world where people have more fun than at BYU, and this all happens without a drop of alcohol. I loved living in (the old) Helaman Halls and (the old) Glenwood Apartments, well-known centers of said fun. Despite all the pressures of schoolwork, those were some of the most spontaneous and carefree times of my life.

It's easy to have fun at BYU because the students share a common commitment of faith and values, and most are genuinely kind and willing to make friends. From snowball wars to Creamery runs, from football games to tunnel singing, from "Dining Plus" to Fall Fling, from intramural ultimate frisbee to "Ward prayer", from midnight pranks to midnight runs to Denny's to midnight renditions of "The Saints Go Marching In" at the Library, there's not a school the Princeton Review could name that has a bigger party than BYU.

Did I forget some reasons why BYU is THE top party school? Go ahead and list them here.

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