Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seattle Supersonics: 1967 - 2008 Thanks for the memories

It's official. The Supes are moving to Oklahoma City and it doesn't look like we'll even get two more seasons of them. At least Seattle gets rights to the name and colors for a while.

They can sell your team for millions, but they can't take the priceless memories:

  • Listening to Bob Blackburn and Kevin Calabro broadcast games into my room while I ran around 10 square feet of carpet creating my own epic "hardwood" battles on the Nerf hoop.
  • Attending the free "Seafirst/Sonics Jammin' Hoops Camp", which was about the most exciting thing to pass through my hometown of Yakima during the summer. As kids we were thrilled to get our pictures taken with any Sonics journeyman, but we also got to meet well-known figures such as Michael Cage, Avery Johnson, and George Karl.
  • Being thrilled to see the Sonics and Trailblazers duke it out in the Kingdome in the 1 dollar seats obtained from the aforementioned camp.
  • Riding with my dad 6 hours round trip to see a game in Key Arena as a teenager. Just me and him, winding our way over the Cascades, talking about experiences from his youth that I had never heard him talk about before. (Thanks Dad!)

Good bye Sonics. You will always be my team.

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Josh said...

Sniff sniff... Dude... my condolences. I am sorry to see such a great team leave the Seattle era. Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Detlif Shrimphf (or however you spell his out of country name) the best 6th man of that time, Sam Perkins, Ray Allen... Ster, they had some great playoff runs, especially against the Bulls. When I think of the Sonics, I think of Sterling Quinn and the space needle.
Thanks for joining the blog world. We should have some great times. Now I feel okay posting some NBA posts and know someone will read it.