Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today's earthquake, a magnitude 5.4, was just enough to really shake things up without causing any serious damage. A definite blessing for 20 million Californians who live within 100 miles of the quake's epicenter in Chino Hills (to get that figure I used this nifty application).

I was on the phone with a co-worker in Indiana when the quake hit. This must have been a bizarre experience for him ("Hang on, Tom, we're having an earthquake!") The experience was different than most small quakes we feel around here which are just a quick jolt. Instead, today's quake gave a slow, rocking sensation that just kept going and going. It seemed like it took at least a minute to settle down, which is a long time for an earthquake. I was down on one knee ready to get under the table if it got any worse. Thankfully that was not the case.

I think folks closer to the epicenter got shaken up a little more (I live about 30 miles away). My wife and kids were at Costco and did not feel the quake, but noticed people pointing up at the swaying overhead lights after it was over. I am glad my three year old son did not notice anything. He's recently very paranoid of earthquakes after just a 2.6 jolt that happened last Wednesday a few miles away.

I don't blame him.

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Jodi said...

Greg told us about it, I am glad everyone is okay