Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cruising the Claremont Village

Yesterday we took the Metrolink train out to Claremont to check out “The Village”. My son was in heaven on the train. Now what three year old wouldn’t give his right hand to look at this kind of thing?

I am glad that he likes to look out the window. My wife and I marveled that a year or two ago he would have been more interested in the tables, chairs, windows inside the train, instead of focusing on what was outside.

The Village is a hip section of town near the Claremont colleges (and the train station!) that offers a range of local shops and art galleries. The older section of the Village is on the east side and contains small, local businesses. To the west there are newer developments, including the renovated Packing House. From what I could tell, this was an old lemon warehouse converted into a mini mall of local businesses and an art museum, with private lofts on the second floor. A very nice mixed use development project, in my opinion. There were works of art on display throughout the Packing House, and this one was by far my favorite. I am trying to find more details on it:

Southern California looks a lot like that, from the street. When you are on the train, it looks like this:

Most of the businesses in The Village were too fragile, expensive, or artsy for the kids, but I would have enjoyed browsing them alone with my wife. We will definitely have to check out the Hip Kitty Jazz and Fondue next time we have a few hours for a date.

If you are visiting The Village with young children, take them into The Boon Companion and get them a toy to keep them occupied for the rest of the trip. Also, if you have some extra time to wait for the return train, the Claremont Library is just two blocks from the station and has a great children’s section.

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David said...

Wait, give his right hand... yikes! So that's how it happened.